Silat Pd
United Kingdom
About Pd
Natural movements
The techniques of Silat Pd (tehnik asli) adhere to the body's natural movements. The more we
master the techniques, the more we move in a way that is truly natural for us.
We do not force our body to assume positions or execute movements that could result in
physical injury; we do not force our body to transform itself into something unnatural for the
sake of learning self-defence. We strive to become as natural as possible.
The principle of economy of force and energy underlies our
theory of techniques. In combat, we make maximum use of
resources immediately available within or around us.
For instance, Pd is not limited to hands and feet. Our entire
body ― all the surfaces of each of our limbs ― is our weapon!
We learn how to use whatever is available in our surroundings
for protection, whether that's a chair, an umbrella or a pen!
We make full use of space by changing positions and postures
with both linear and rotary (spinning) movements around our
opponent. We manoeuvre ourselves closely behind an
opponent (or anywhere within 360 degrees around him),
confusing him and gaining the initiative.
Pd can be learnt effectively without injury. This is achieved
through a unique training method called serang hindar
(attack-avoid). Here, we learn intelligent and effective
application of techniques, with minimum risk of injury. We
learn to cooperate, trust and take care of our training partner,
to sharpen each other's skills without harming each other.