Silat Pd
United Kingdom
Welcome to the online home of Silat Pd UK
Silat is the ancient Indonesian art of self-defence ― a tradition with extraordinary
subtlety, depth, and power.
Founded by the late grandmaster Bapak RMS Dirdjoatmodjo, Perisai Diri (literally
‘shield of oneself’) is a synthesis of many silat styles that seeks the essence of the art.
Each self-defence form, each block or punch, has layers of nuance and meaning.
Our teaching method is specially designed for the use and benefit of men, women
and children of all ages and levels of fitness, from all walks of life.
Those who dip their toe into this art will develop health, balance and a sense of well-
being, naturally, effectively and without injury.
Those who immerse themselves completely will develop hidden resources of self-
protection, physical fitness, inner confidence, and spiritual harmony.
We hope you will find our site informative and enjoyable. If you have any questions,
please contact us.”
― Mas Otto Soeharjono MS, head of Pd UK.